Client Quotes

Untitled-1"Sam Griesbaum relates to the audience effectively." Gay S.

"Sam Griesbaum was terrific" Dale B.

"I liked his performance." Virgil S.

"...the best comedian Sam!" Boruchow

"We loved hilarious comic Sam Griesbaum." Johnson

"Sam was hilarious." Olha

"Sam was excellent." Lock

"Sam Griesbaum gets five stars! Excellent comedian, he lightened up everything he participated in." Pitts

"Sam Griesbaum is EXCELLENT!!!!" Robinson

"Entertainment is excellent, especially Sam Griesbaum." Tong

"Loved Sam Griesbaum the comedian." Paul T.

"We really enjoyed Sam Griesbaum. He was great! The best we have heard in awhile." Scott & Julie S.

"Sam Griesbaum was the absolute best entertainment you offered." Susan S.

Untitled-2"Comedian Sam Griesbaum was hilarious for all ages." Alyssa R.

"Sam G. was very funny and a great choice for an entertainer." Pepper

"We even stayed up for the 12:15AM show with Sam Griesbaum!" Williams

"Sam was one of the funniest comedians we've ever seen." Christiansen